ARAVIS sells German wind farm to EBM

Zurich, 07.11.2012 - Aravis Energy I LP is a Swiss private equity fund focused on investments in the renewable energy sector, founded in 2008. Aravis has already established various wind and photovoltaic power plants in Germany, Spain and Italy, and currently producing more than 300 million kWh, sufficient to supply energy for around 125,000 local households. Aravis not only invests in operating assets, but also has the experience and local market knowledge to finance and implement new power plants. According to the independent research company Preqin, Aravis Energy I LP is currently the most successful European private equity fund in the renewable energy sector. The German wind farm Frehne I, now owned by Basel-Land’s EBM, is the fourth sale of a facility that has been financed and successfully completed from the fund within the last two years. With an investment volume of about 250 million Swiss francs, Aravis Energy I LP is one of the leading market players in Europe.

EBM develops into a leading Swiss producer of wind energy EBM has already invested in Aravis Energy I LP four years ago. “Aravis has an impressive track record of financial performance as well as fast and high-quality implementation of investment projects’’, comments Cédric Christmann, CFO of EBM, on the financial commitment of his company. From the portfolio of Aravis Energy I LP, EBM now acquires Powerwind Holding AG which owns the German wind farm Frehne I which was newly commissioned in January 2012. The wind farm is located in Brandenburg and consists of three advanced Enercon turbines with a total installed capacity of 6.3 MW. The turbines produce more than 13.2 million kWh of electricity per year. This is the second wind farm that EBM has taken over from Aravis. Thus, EBM has a wind portfolio of 95 megawatts of installed capacity and is one of Switzerland's largest producers of wind energy.


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EBM has operated internationally since 1897 as an organized association under private law in the energy sector. It has a portfolio of electricity and power, heat, telecommunications and IT businesses, as well as renewable energy and electrical installations. EBM places its strategy on the three pillars of «renewable energy sources», «energy efficiency and cost-cutting measures» and «security of supply». Today, EBM supplies about 220,000 people in north-western Switzerland and Alsace with electricity. As a leader in local heating supply, EBM operates 150 plants across Switzerland as well as within southern Germany and Alsace. EBM has about 600 employees, including about 40 trainees. The turnover amounts to more than 350 million francs.


Aravis operates as an established Swiss investment advisor for equity investments in the sector of renewable energy and life sciences. Aravis has more than 30 investors to its customers including industrial companies, pension funds, state funds, insurance companies and family offices. Aravis is currently supervising equity investments of more than a quarter of a billion Swiss francs. The team of Aravis has successfully built, financed and developed over 100 companies at home and abroad. Thereby Aravis offers a comprehensive range of investment consulting on the implementation of investment projects to fund administration. Aravis was founded in 2001 in Zurich.

Aravis Energy I LP, Kommanditgesellschaft für kollektive Kapitalanlagen

Founded in 2008, Aravis Energy I LP, Kommanditgesellschaft für kollektive Kapitalanlagen (Aravis Energy I LP), is an independent Swiss investment fund which aims to provide financing for renewable energies. The company invests in projects and power plants, particularly in the areas of wind power, hydro power and photovoltaic. Its focus is on investments in Europe and in Switzerland. Aravis Energy I LP is a Swiss Limited Partnership under Swiss law (Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes) and is also the first Swiss Limited Partnership ever to receive the approval of the Swiss Federal Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).